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Natural Gas Processing [OGBS: Energy Institute Learning Affiliate]

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  • Natural Gas Processing [OGBS: Energy Institute Learning Affiliate]


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Date : July 25, 2018
Location : IRIEBE


Oil and Gas Business School, is a recognized “Learning Affiliate” with Energy Institute, London.

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• Visit the EI Library to access the Petroleum Abstracts database from the University of Tulsa which contains more than 1.1 million abstracts on oil and gas exploration and production.

• Access to the EI’s Data Sheets, a collection of current and historical statistics and information, covering energy prices, electricity production and petroleum fuels.

• Free networking events with those high up in the industry, helping you to learn about the industry and get known.

• Access to a team of qualified information professionals, during library opening hours, to answer quick queries or assist with more extensive research. Free quick research service (5-10 minutes) and a discounted rate for longer research queries.

• Education and careers information through EI careers website.

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• Discounts – Reduced rates for EI events, including regional and training courses that would help your knowledge and professional development

• Branch events and competitions – Nigerian branch holds events and competitions for local students to attend.

• Benevolent Fund – EI provides a range of financial and other assistance to students in need.

• Energy Policy Milestones Calender – a frequently updated resource providing links to current and forthcoming policy activity.

• Opportunity to Develop and advance into the Professional Membership category, after graduation, and be able to use such titles or designations as MEI (Member, Energy Institute), Chartered Energy Engineer, Chartered Energy Manager, Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Scientist etc.


A. Gas compression

Gas oil separation plant process source of the feed gas

Gas compression process general introduction

Process equipment

High pressure and intermediate pressure gas streams

Low pressure gas compression system

Intermediate pressure gas compression process

High pressure gas system

Gas liquid condensate stripper

B. Amine gas sweetening unit

Amine gas sweetening unit

Functions of the amine sweetening unit equipment

Process description

Gas sweetening

Amine contactor

Amine flash drum

Amine regeneration

Regenerator reboilers

Regenerator overhead condenser and reflux accumulator.

Amine filter and reclaiming section

Lean amine recirculation pumps and cooler

Amine filters

Amine reclaimer.

Corrosion inhibitors

Amine make-up

C. Natural gas liquids (ngl) recovery

introduction & process description

Feed gas compression and first chilldown

Vapour and liquid dehydration

Second chilldown, expander/compressor, and de-methanizer

D. Gas fractionating plant

Process description

Column trays

Reboiler function

Reflux function

Process equipment


Overhead accumulators (reflux drums)

Rotating equipment

Feed pumps

Reflux pumps

Overhead product chiller

Overhead product condensers

Process control instrumentation

Lower column temperature control

Bottom product level control

Column pressure control

Column top temperature control

Top product level control

Logic instrument systems

Pump logic

Overhead accumulator level logic

Propane and butane sweeteners

E. Sulphur recovery unit

Functions of the sulphur recovery unit equipment

Basic functions of the sulphur plant

Basic description of the reaction that produces sulphur

Description of the flow of gas through the sulphur unit

Acid gas feed system

Reaction furnace and waste heat boiler

Condensers, reheaters & converters


Sulphur storage pit

On succesful completion, candidates will be issued the OGBS Graduate Certificate in Natural Gas Processing, in addition to hard copies of signed referral membership forms of the Society of Petroleum Engineering International

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