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Online T-shirt Business Training

₦ 1,000.00(Fixed)

  • Online T-shirt Business Training
  • Online T-shirt Business Training
  • Online T-shirt Business Training
  • Online T-shirt Business Training
  • Online T-shirt Business Training


Price : ₦ 1,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : September 12, 2018
Condition : New
Location : Ikorodu, Nigeria



I have been able to make some dollars selling T-shirts online.




1. I have no design experience.


2. I did not see the shirts and they were printed and shipped to the customers.


3. I did not pay any amount to set up my online store and have it printed to my customer anywhere in the world. Because they only print on demand, a smarter way to do business.


4. The T-shirts are top quality and are printed in the USA.


4. I’ve sold shirts to people in the USA and other countries right from my room Nigeria.


5. I made $50 from selling 5 shirts only!


6. You can have shirts on your store online without designing any shirt or paying any designer.


Learn more in the group below.

Training fee is ₦1000


You will be thought how to design T-shirts easily, even on your phone, how to get customers and how to produce your shirt with zero cost to ship anywhere in the world.


Let’s go over things to note in this business.


*I work with a US company which prints shirts for my customers and ships to anywhere in the world (Nigeria included).


*They print after my client has paid. So if the client pays $25 and the cost of producing the shirt is $10, they pay me $15.


*I did not spend a dime.


*I got accepted immediately with the easy sign up process.


*The top guys in this business are making thousands of dollars per month with Facebook ads. (I am also planning to do so in the near future).


*I had no design experience, but started designing easily in the first few days. I can design a shirt on my phone in 5 minutes.


*Don’t want to design? No problem! You can pick other designs and shirts and put on your store and get commissions from their sales for free!


*You don’t need PayPal. Your payment can be wired straight into your bank account in Nigeria.


*I do this business part-time, at home and I sell to customers in other countries, while I’m even involved in many other businesses.


*It is a way of making residual income! A client can see a shirt I uploaded on my online store from months or years back, buy it and I will still get my profit.


*The company handles all complaints and takes care of my customers! They don’t even know my name or where I’m from. I chose a brand name for my business.


*I am able to offer discounts and collect emails from my customers and have opportunity to use other marketing features that I’ve not started making use of.


*How did I gain customers?


I created an Instagram page and focused on a niche (a particular dog breed that Americans love). Why? Because you have a higher chance of selling when you pick a niche people love. They are proud to show that they love these dogs and would wear a shirt with the words saying this! I got this from a research I did.



Yes! Trago aims to provide information on lucrative businesses to help people make a living for themselves apart from the daily 9 to 5.

This business is so sweet because YOU DON’T NEED ANY CAPITAL!


I would be showing you every single step that I took to achieve this, and I would not be leaving any information out.




*How to design T-shirts in 5 minutes, on your phone.


*How to drive traffic to your clothing store.


*How to do market research and determine a niche that sells.


*How to sign up and start selling your T-shirt immediately.


The training would hold on a chat group that you will be added to once your payment is confirmed for the training.


Chat me up on WhatsApp or Telegram on 0812 073 9083 for more information.